Friday, July 16, 2010

Starting on My Book of Me

Actually, this is my page from Mom's & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary Album.  And now it's my first page in My Book of Me!  Look how cute I was!  Even then I was a little big - old time baby carrier.  That's me playing the accordian, sitting in the rocker with my sister, Andie.  Sisters, Ellen and Paula are on the floor.  I can't believe they actually let me have a turn with the accordian.  In the bottom family photo, this is as big as my hair could get in the 90's.  (Oh, I miss my little ones!)  I am the 7th child of 9, the 5th daughter of 6, the mother of only 3.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, What a great layout, I like how you made the pictures look like they are deeper then others are. Cool

  2. This is a great page, Elizabeth. I have started on my Book of Me, but fizzled out, lol. I really need someone to give me a shove.