Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Several weeks ago I took an online class called Bind-it-All 101.
When making this guide, I learned different ways to punch and bind.
It was so much easier than trying to read the instructions & look at the pictures.
(Some of us need a little more instruction and repetition. Lol)

Then I made this cute "little" pocket book, meaning it was supposed to be around 4 or 6 pages, but I had to use each of the different papers/cardstocks that were in front of me to make tons of pockets.

I had to bind it first, then come back to decorate and make the tags.  Oh I loved making all those cute tags.

Cute, huh?
Ok, that's all the pocket pages I am going to show. 
 I have had a couple of fun things I've done this summer that will make their way into here.

My favorite is this Fall Fun scrapbook:

This is a fun page that opens up.
You can see on the left side how I messed up the fold on the first try.
It will be covered up with a cute picture of a kid, anyway.

Most of the patterned paper is SU! Orchard Harvest from the Holiday 2012 Catalog.

And that's the back cover.  
I love these apple pattern pages and the colorful stripes.
I am anxious to use them.  Is it fall yet?

Come back this weekend for our last VC Rocks Blog Hop.
Have a great day!
Elizabeth K.

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  1. Oh my gosh what a great project! These are just awesome!