Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forehead Reveal and Wedding Card

Now here's a gorgeous forehead! NOT!
But it is a cancer free forehead!!
It's been about 5 weeks since the skin graft.
I am looking forward to seeing it in about 2 months.
Oh, did you notice that her hair is growing back?  I still think the comb over is the way to go.
 Mandy really didn't want to take a picture, but I guess she's learned that the sooner she takes these pictures, the sooner she can get away!

This is a wedding card I did for a swap.  I love all the shimmer paint and gold layered cardstock.

The inside.

Yesterday, I mailed off 190 cards.  (I thought it was 200, but I guess I carried an extra one to the tens place.)  All the cards went to Operation Write Home.  The whole time I am turning my many years'  worth of card fronts into cards, I am thinking of how happy a loved one back home will feel when their family member or friend who is in the service of our country sends them a little love with a fold in a middle.  That just cheered me up so much!  I am planning my next box, which will include Valentine/Love You cards.
Have a blessed day!  ek

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