Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Stamp Room: desk, embellishments & paper

Before: a messy desk that day.

 After: cleaner, with my most used items at hand.
After: My dear engineering husband brought home this used drafting table from work one day.  It is awesome and I will show you what I use it for on another day.  My desk is parallel to it on the right side, so it makes like a U for me to roll my chair back and forth.  Also I love chocolate, so there it is on my window.

Before: embellishments, ribbons, etc...
 Before:  I even had some embellishments in the plastic drawers below.  They were labeled but not as organized as I thought.
 After: Candy and small embellishments on these cute little shelves, where I can see them & get to them easily.
 After: More embellishments on shelves & ribbons on spools down on the desk in right corner of picture.
 After:  I took all the retired ribbons, buttons, felt flowers, & other non-SU! odds and ends and put them in jars.  (The packaging of these items really did take up alot of space.) Some jars were re-purposed and I feel so frugal!
 After: Current ribbons in my ribbon keepers and current embellishments in my stack and store.
 Before:  Above picture shows my designer papers in my paper holders. Below picture shows my 12 x 12 card stock in paper holders on my rolling cart.
 Before and After:  I have always had my 8 1/2 x 11 card stock and their scraps in my filing drawers in my desk.  They are grouped by Stampin' Up! color collections, with specialty card stock & retired card stock folders in the back.  
 After:  I added more paper holders with retired DSP to my rolling cart.  I keep them grouped by the package they came in because I am not talented enough to just pick out matching papers of different colors. (SU! does that for me!) In the accordion file I keep my Simply Scrappin' kits.
 After:  This huge desk organizer was an ordering mistake on my part.  But I realized it was large enough to put files in, so I have my scrapbooking elements swaps (from Hot Swappin' Mamas) in baggies and filed according to season.
 After: I removed the closet doors and stacked the plastic drawers. In front of the plastic stacks is my black rolling cart with the 12 x 12 papers/card stock at the bottom and my organizer at the top.  It is so easy to roll to my desk when I am scrapbooking and then roll back when I am done!
After:  This paper holder on my desk holds my current DSP.
I hope yall like my new stamp room so far.  I have re-purposed several things that I really like, even though they are not that pretty, but they really worked for me.  I did buy a new rolling chair.
Have a great weekend!

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