Friday, March 25, 2011

My Stamp Room is almost done!

Before pictures are very surprising to me- how did I get anything done?!

 Before:  Stamp sets on shelves, punches are in sterlite drawers, and then there was the dollhouse.
 After:  All punches are up on rods above my desk.
 After: Punches and stamp sets organized, and now dollhouse is in daughter's room.
After:  Stamp sets- red dots indicate current sets.  The first three shelves are sets that are broken up (yes, Ellen, I took your advice!) and grouped by topic.  This is really convenient and freeing to know I can now get rid of those stamps I don't use.


  1. You DESET-afied!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

    I had no clue I had this much power!!!!

    Your room looks grand and your punches are CLOSE! What an excellent position for them!! (grin)

    and here are a few extra !!!!!! with some (((((hugs))))))

  2. Thanks, Ellen, I am very excited about the whole thing!

  3. Wow your space looks fantastic!!! We have the same brown desk!!!! only my drawers are switched my hanging files are on the right side and the 3 drawers are on the left. How about that! Where did you get your Ink Pad holders??? Mine are in a cassette box that Carey gave me years ago! Did you make your stamp set holder too? I love if If not where did you get that I like it a lot!!! Now you have a wonderful place to create How Cool is That!

  4. Thanks! Ink pad holder is an old cassette tapes holder. Yes we did make that stamp set shelf, but for something else. I love that it is my space, everything I use alot is at hand. I still have a little decor to do. Brown desks rock!